Recognizing the need   is the primary condition for design

DESIGN - is a funny word.

Some people think design means how it look. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works - Steve Jobs



DRAFTDESK Design & Draughting

...is a company that offers a multitude of Draughting Services to the public, commercial engineers and fabricators.

 We can produce fabrication, shop or erection drawings for any scale of project.


Draftdesk are accustomed to working with a myriad of customers, understanding and meeting their needs.

We can help foster your ideas throughout the process of design and development of your project.


             We can help you meet critical deadlines,            reduce overhead costs and provide you with an effortless process to ensure all of your drafting needs are met.

Please browse through our webpage to get a closer look on what we have to offer.

We invite you to call or email, and look forward to work with you on your next project!